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A NEW UPDATE OF THE PDF OF THE TECHNICAL PROGRAM is now avalable for download.  Changes through June 16 are included.  The pdf can easily be searched.  Due to cancellations and other changes, we will be updating it frequently so be sure to check back from time to time.

The UPDATED TECHNICAL PROGRAM-AT-A-GLANCE is now available for downloading. Updates are through June 7.

A SEARCHABLE SCHEDULE for the TECHNICAL PROGRAM may be found here:!/scheduling/searchable

In using the schedule, it works best if the form is cleared and browser refreshed after every search.  To search for a particular minisymposium, enter the number into the search bar and wait for it to appear.  The dropdown only shows the first 10 minisymposia.

Also note that there will still be changes to the schedule due to cancellations, re-arranging of talks, etc.  You may wish to check back from time to time see if any changes affecting your own schedule have taken place.

A REVISED GENERAL PROGRAM may now be downloaded here.  The revised program contains changes made on May 13.  

There may be slight changes made before the conference so we encourage you to check back periodically.  The times of minisymposia and individual talks will be available here in the near future.  If you have any questions, write to us at

A REVISED MINISYMPOSIA SCHEDULE is available for downloading. These contain updates as of June 7.  Note there may be slight changes in times or sessions.  Check back periodically for any changes.