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Programmable and Active Metamaterials

Christopher Sugino, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alper Erturk, Georgia Institute of Technology

Massimo Ruzzene, University of Colorado Boulder

This symposium invites presentations on the mechanics of elastic and acoustic metamaterials that exhibit programmable or tunable characteristics and active behavior for tailoring structural dynamic response and wave propagation characteristics. Such metamaterials can be smart material-based, such as piezoelectric or shape memory materials, or  stimuli-responsive hydrogels, or magnetoelastic structures with discrete components, among others. Programmable and active metamaterials in this context can be enabled artificially (e.g. via shunt circuitry in piezoelectric metamaterials) or via chemomechanical characteristics of the material (e.g. as in stimuli-responsive gels). Beyond the fundamental capabilities such as bandgap tuning, active modulation of the mechanical properties in space and/or time enables a plethora of complex elastic/acoustic wave phenomena spanning from nonreciprocal wave propagation to topological protection. Theoretical, computational, and experimental efforts on such programmable and active metamaterials are of interest in this symposium.