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Mechanics of the Human Skull and Brain

Alper Erturk, Georgia Institute of Technology

Massimo Ruzzene, University of Colorado Boulder

Matteo Mazzotti, University of Colorado Boulder

Eetu Kohtanen, Georgia Institute of Technology

A fundamental understanding of the mechanics of human skull-brain system over a broad frequency spectrum (from audio to ultrasound regime) is crucial for a range of medical research and applications in diagnosis, imaging, and therapy. This symposium invites presentations on various aspects of computational and experimental research pertaining to human skull and/or brain mechanics, including, but not limited to guided and bulk wave propagation, impact dynamics, vibration and vibroacoustics, mechanical characterization and material property identification, among others. Efforts specifically focusing on the skull alone (e.g. cancellous bone mechanics, sutures, etc.) or the brain alone (e.g. brain tissue mechanics) as well as those involving applications (e.g. diagnosis, imaging) and instrumentation aspects are also welcome.