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Mechanics of Flexible, Stretchable and Bio-integrated Electronics

Nanshu Lu, The University of Texas at Austin

Yong Zhu, North Carolina State University

Soft electronic systems based on silicon, metal, nano materials, 2D materials, polymers, composites, liquid metals and biomaterials are expected to disrupt many different fields that range from displays to wearables, from soft robots to energy conversion/storage systems. The fundamental challenge of the field is the co-engineering of softness, electrical properties, responsiveness and/or bio-integration in a single material or a system. Mechanics of materials, structures and interfaces are vital to solve such challenges. This symposium will highlight several successful and nascent approaches including but not limited to compliant structures and designs, origami and kirigami, nano- and 2D materials, soft functional materials (composites, organic semiconductors, hydrogels, liquid metals, etc.), strong or reversible bio-electronics adhesives, etc.. This symposium will provide a venue for the convergent discussion of diverse aspects of the rapidly evolving field of soft electronics including mechanics, physics, materials, electronics, bio-integration, and device applications. The anticipated scope of this symposium will be very broad, from fundamental to applied researches.

List of possible symposium topics:

Thin-film mechanics,

Fracture mechanics,



Interfacial mechanics,

Mechanical properties of materials,

Mechanics of composites,

Mechanics of soft matter,

Origami and kirigami,

Mechanics of self-healable materials,

Mechanics in materials characterization,

Mechanics in advanced manufacturing,

Mechanics of soft electronic systems,

Mechanics of biodegradable systems,

Bio-electronics interface