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Mechanics of Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Ruobing Bai, Northeastern University

Shengqiang Cai, University of California, San Diego

Lihua Jin, University of California, Los Angeles

Pradeep Sharma, University of Houston

Xueju Wang, University of Connecticut

Liquid crystals and soft elastomers are fascinating subjects for mechanicians in their own right. The marriage of these two materials systems has led to an entirely new class of soft solids—the so-called liquid crystal elastomers (LCEs)—that exhibit a plethora of rich, complex, and fascinating physics. This symposium aims to bring researchers from various backgrounds to exchange and discuss the latest advances in theory, simulation, and experimentation of the mechanics of liquid crystal elastomers in a multidisciplinary context. The symposium covers topics including but not limited to:

•    Theoretical modeling

•    Computational methods

•    Experimental characterizations

•    Stimuli responses (thermal, optical, chemical, electromagnetic, etc.) and their coupling to mechanics

•    Phase transformations and instabilities: mechanical and/or other multiphysical processes

•    Coupling intrinsic properties with geometry and structure: metamaterials, origami, kirigami, etc.

•    Degradation, damage, fracture, and fatigue

•    Novel engineering/fabrication techniques, functional devices, and applications