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Dynamics of Soft Materials and Structures

Robert L. Lowe, University of Dayton

Christopher G. Cooley, Oakland University

This symposium aims to bring together a multi-disciplinary group of researchers to exchange experimental, computational, and theoretical advances in the dynamics of soft materials and structures.  Welcomed are analyses of soft materials that focus on wave propagation, vibrations, dynamics-induced instabilities, parametric excitations and resonances, and non-linear dynamics and their related phenomena, amongst others.  Of particular interest are aspects of dynamic behavior arising in different branches of soft matter physics including, but not limited to, soft active materials with coupled physics (e.g., electro-mechanics, magneto-mechanics, mechano-chemistry, light-responsive actuation); heterogeneous soft materials (e.g., composites); anisotropic and viscoelastic soft media; phononics and metamaterials; self-healing soft materials; conventionally-fabricated and additively manufactured (3D/4D-printed) soft structures; flexible and stretchable electronics; and soft machines and robots.