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Phase Field Modeling of Microstructures and Behaviors of Advanced Materials

Yu Su, Beijing Institute of Technology

Jie Wang, Zhejiang University

Advanced materials may possess one or multiple outstanding properties in mechanical, thermal, magnetic or electrical behaviors. These materials, usually in the form of crystals, ceramics, alloys, polymers, nanostructured materials, etc., inherit their unique physical properties from the microstructures developed at meso- or nano-scale. Typical examples are piezoelectric, ferroelectric, multiferroic, superconducting, semiconducting, thermoelectric materials and shape memory materials. The phase field method exhibits great advantages in capturing and predicting the evolution of complex microstructures. Its ability in handling coupled multiphysical phenomena is of great aid to studies that can shed new light on the underlying physical mechanisms. The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum for discussion of recent development and applications of phase field method in modeling and simulation of advanced materials. It is also meant to be a place for exchange of ideas and scientific findings in relevant fields.