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Mechanics and Physics of Advanced Manufacturing Processes – Surfaces, Materials and Deformation

Koushik Viswanathan, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Dinakar Sagapuram, Texas A&M University

This symposium will bring together mechanicians, materials scientists, and industrial/ mechanical engineers to discuss recent advances in the mechanics and physics of advanced manufacturing processes. The focus will be broadly on the themes of surface mechanics, novel materials and large-strain deformation. Specific topics of interest include:

-Innovative experimental methods, including in situ approaches, for characterizing deformation mechanics and friction at multiple length-scales

-Improved understanding of flow instabilities and localization (e.g., shear bands, fracture, surface buckling) in cutting and deformation processing of engineering materials

-Advances in analytical/numerical analysis of large strain thermal/plastic deformation and related microstructure effects in cutting, forming and additive manufacturing

-Surface modifications, mechanics of coatings and chemo-mechanical effects in plastic deformation