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Mechanics-guided Design, Material Processing and Applications of Composites

Kedar Kirane, Stony Brook University

Xueju (Sophie) Wang, University of Connecticut

This symposium will cover mechanics-guided experimental, computational, and design-related efforts toward manufacturing or fabricating composites and heterogeneous materials for diverse applications in aerospace, biomedical and robotics, etc. Sessions might include but not limited to materials research, processing techniques, or applications related to the following areas:

- Design and processing of conventional and hard composites

- Fabrication and application of nanocomposites

- Design, fabrication and application of emerging composites and heterogeneous materials including soft functional composites

- Processing-structure-property relationships for composites

- Interphases and interfaces in composites and heterogeneous materials

- Novel experimental characterization techniques for composites

- Computational modeling and optimization for composites and heterogeneous materials

- Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the design, fabrication, and analysis of composites