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Mechanics of Electrochemical Systems

Scott A. Roberts, Sandia National Laboratories

Venkat Subramanian, University of Texas, Austin

Partha P. Mukherjee, Purdue University

Brian W. Sheldon, Brown University

Electrochemical systems and processes are ubiquitous in modern life, from energy storage and conversion (e.g. batteries) to manufacturing (e.g. electroplating).  While traditional electrochemical processes of ionic and electrical transport and chemical reactions are often modelled for these systems, both fluid and solid mechanics are often of crucial for their performance and survivability.

In this symposium, we explore both fundamental and applied science, computational, and engineering research applied to the mechanics of electrochemical systems.  Of most interest are topics where the fluid or solid mechanical behavior has an impact on the electrochemical processes.  Topics include, but are not limited to, the impact of fluid and solid mechanics in:

•    Battery manufacturing

•    Battery performance (coupling of mechanics to electrochemistry)

•    Flow batteries

•    Next-generation batteries

•    Fuel cells

•    Electroplating and electrodeposition

•    Corrosion

•    Model-based architecture design