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Large Deformation and Failure of Lithium-ion batteries

Thomas Tancogne-Dejean, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich

Juner Zhu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Yong Xia, Tsinghua University

Yi Ding, US Army, Ground Vehicle Systems Center

Wei Li, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The advance of electric vehicles and portable electronics poses the question of the safety of lithium-ion cells undergoing large deformation. Predictive constitutive models are urgently needed to ensure the passenger and user safety. The interplay between the different solid materials and the electrolyte leads to complex behavior, which requires the development of battery-specific modeling strategies. The symposium is focused on the experimental and numerically behavior of Li-ion cells undergoing large deformation and includes but is not limited to macroscopic response, micromechanical approaches, crashworthiness, design of protective enclosure, fracture and diagnosis. Because of the multiscale and multiphysics nature of lithium-ion cells, this symposium welcomes researchers with a wide spectrum of areas including solid mechanics, fluid dynamics, material sciences, experimental mechanics, computational mechanics, and mass and heat transfer.