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Mechanics and Dynamics of Porous-particle Suspensions

Monica E. A. Zakhari, Eindhoven University of Technology

Dimitris Vlassopoulos, FORTH, University of Crete

This symposium will address the behavior of suspensions of soft, porous particles which are characterized by a multitude of length scales. These features yield tunable properties and provide an ideal platform for the design and control of new smart materials with improved function and applications in technology, energy and biology. This symposium aims at bridging the current gap between theories and experiments of porous-particle suspensions and stimulating further advances in modeling and simulations of these systems leading to materials design. Topical areas will encompass theory, experiments, and modeling of porous-particle suspensions:

-Equilibrium and non-equilibrium state behavior (internal microstructure, jamming, vitrification and crystallization)

-Mechanical behavior (linear and nonlinear rheology, microfluidics)

-Flow instabilities (wall slip, shear banding, fracture)