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Multiphase Flows: Bridging the Gap between Discrete and Continuum Descriptions

Alban Sauret, UC Santa Barbara

Ken Kamrin, MIT

Sarah Hormozi, Cornell University

While our experimental, theoretical, and numerical modeling of the flow of homogeneous fluids has greatly advanced in the past decades, a current challenge lies in the complexity of describing multiphase flows where the presence of a dispersed phase, such as particles, droplets, or bubbles, introduces new length scales and time scales that can modify the behavior of the system. The presence of these different scales leads to significant numerical and experimental challenges. However, this class of systems is also of major importance in a wide range of situations, from environmental to industrial processes, or to predict the dispersion of aerosols of droplets. These topics are studied in a variety of ways, and this symposium aims at gathering our current knowledge across different applications to explore the different approaches in bridging the dispersed phase scale to the macroscopic behavior. Contributions on the various aspects of suspensions, aerosols, foams, granular flows, and emulsion are welcome.