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Modeling and Simulation of Energetic Materials

J. Keith Clutter, Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S)

Oana Cazacu, University of Florida / REEF

Prof. Davy M. Belk, Mississippi State University

Dr. Benoit Revil-Baudard, University of Florida/REEF

This symposium will highlight key challenges and recent advances in understanding, constitutive modeling, and numerical simulation of the fluid dynamic and thermo-mechanical behavior in the sub-detonative regime, and the detonation response of energetics aggregates.  The aim is to bring together experts at the forefront of the field in academia, government laboratories, and industry to assess existing modeling approaches at various scales, exchange ideas to address current technical challenges, and develop guidelines for future research directions. Scalability of solutions to solve problems on the scales found in propulsion and weapon systems is of interest.