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Complex Fluids and Soft Matter

Anne Grillet, Sandia National Laboratories

Jeffrey Morris, City College of New York

Vivek Narsimhan, Purdue University

Arezoo Ardekani, Purdue University

This symposium will address complex fluids and soft matter - a class of materials that exhibit non-Newtonian rheology because of their underlying microstructure and the interaction of that microstructure with flow.  The strongly strain and strain-rate dependent properties of these materials are important in industries such as consumer products, materials, and phamaceuticals as well as in natural, environmental, and biological systems.  Topics of this session will include (a) rheology of polymer solutions, blends, and melts; (b) particulate motion in non-Newtonian fluids; (c) flow-induced instabilities in non-Newtonian fluids; (d) hydrodynamics of suspensions, colloids, and pastes.