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Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics

Eric Johnsen, University of Michigan

Jonathan Estrada, University of Michigan

Tim Colonius, Caltech

Recent developments in theoretical, numerical and experimental methods have enabled advances in the understanding and prediction of cavitation phenomena and bubble dynamics in applications ranging from naval hydrodynamics to therapeutic ultrasound, from fuel injectors to material characterization at high rates. In addition to cavitation in water, cavitation in soft matter and complex fluids has lately received significant interest, thus bringing together researchers from the fluid and solid mechanics communities. This symposium will provide a venue for researchers from all areas of mechanics to present their most recent findings pertaining to cavitation and bubble dynamics. Topics of interest include but are not limited to nucleation, bubble dynamics, cavitating and bubbly flows, clouds, cavitation in soft matter and complex fluids, methods (theoretical, numerical, data-driven, experimental), and applications of cavitation.