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Recent Advances in Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics

Dr. Lakshmi Prasad Dasi, Georgia Institute of Technology & Emory University

Dr. Cyrus K Aidun, Georgia Institute of Technology

The proposed biofluids symposium is to bring researchers and stake holders together in the area of cardiovascular fluid mechanics. In recent years, analysis of cardiovascular fluid mechanics has seen a major paradigm shift with more and more emphasis on patient specific, multi-scale, and multi-physics computational and experimental models with closer impact on clinical translation.

We will organize 2 to 3 sessions with talks from leaders in the fields of cardiovascular fluid mechanics including but not limited to analysis of coronary flow, heart valve engineering, and pediatric cardiology. We anticipate a mix of talks reflecting on recent advances both in terms of modeling and experimental techniques as well as new fundamental fluids knowledge as it pertains to complex problems such as thrombosis prediction, multi-scale fluid structure interaction flow physics, and patient specific modeling.

The areas of research that will be highlighted and discussed involve the intersection of biomechanics, biomaterials, mechanobiology, and imaging with an underscoring emphasis on fluid mechanics. The goal is to bring people working in separate areas (particularly new faculty members, graduate students, postdocs etc.) together and inform them of new exciting challenges that need fresh new ideas. We will invite research scientists and engineers from academia and research institutes, as well as stakeholders from the FDA and NIH. Anyone interested in translational cardiovascular fluids research could be an anticipated audience.