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Statistical Physics Techniques in Computational Mechanics

Celia Reina, University of Pennsylvania

Steve Fitzgerald, University of Leeds

The large-scale properties of materials are controlled by micro-scale processes that can be prohibitively expensive to simulate in full detail. Bridging the gap to the length- and time-scales of interest often requires mathematical tools from statistical physics. This symposium is intended to identify synergies and share methodologies between continuum mechanics and statistical physics, for a wide range of applications. Examples of these techniques include, but are not limited to:

•    Atomistic-continuum coupling methods

•    Statistical mechanics/thermodynamics based coarse-graining methods

•    Temporal acceleration techniques

•    Data-driven strategies for computational mechanics

•    Stochastic methods for coupled multi-field and multi-scale phenomena

•    Statistical approaches to defect mechanics

•    Variational/field-theory-based methods