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Innovative Educational Tools and Community Resources in Mechanics

Manuel K. Rausch, University of Texas at Austin

Emma Lejeune, Boston University

Adrian Buganza Tepole, Purdue University

Johannes Weickenmeier, Stevens Institute of Technology

Open source data, software, and hardware design have the potential to accelerate scientific discovery and greatly benefit the applied mechanics community. The goal of this minisymposia is to celebrate recent advances in open science and spark conversation between researchers with a shared passion for the broad dissemination of their work through open science practices. As such, our minisymposia will provide a forum to share innovative tools, including, but certainly not limited to:
  • Open source research software. 
  • Open source curated datasets. 
  • Open source lab equipment design. 
  • Open source educational tools for undergraduate and graduate classes. 
  • Open source outreach activities, tutorials, and lab kits. 
Our hope is that this symposium will increase awareness of current and future efforts, and help accelerate our community’s contribution to open science. In presentations, we will appreciate both the frank discussion of practical challenges to implementation, and examples of the benefits and successes of these endeavors.