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Meshfree, Peridynamics, and Particle Methods: Contemporary Advances and Applications

Michael Hillman, The Pennsylvania State University

J. S. Chen, University of California, San Diego

Zhen Chen, University of Missouri

Pablo Seleson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Meshfree, peridynamic, and particle methods have emerged as a new class of numerical methods for solving challenging mechanics problems which are difficult to solve with traditional finite element methods. These methods utilize a point-based approximation which are more amenable to simulations involving extreme material distortion, fragmentation, contact and impact. Topics of interest for this minisymposium include but are not limited to: fundamental developments in meshfree (RKPM, MPM, etc.), peridynamic, and particle (DEM, MD, SPH, etc.) methods, techniques for handling stationary and transient strong and weak discontinuities, multiscale modeling, numerical integration, numerical stability, strong-form methods, simulation of problems for which meshfree, peridynamics, and particle methods are superior to conventional mesh-based methods, parallel and scalable algorithms, multiple/coupled physics, multi-phase problems, extreme loadings, and simulations of man-made and natural disasters.